Yorkshire Puddings & Salsa

After something of an unplanned hiatus from dancing, I was pleased to hear there was a Salsa event in my home town.

Not only in Sunderland, but the Toby Carvery. The combination of Yorkshire pudding, booze and dancing was too good to pass up.

Kicking off with a bachata warm-up was a nice gentle way to ease into the first lesson. The style of the routine was what I would have called “sensual bachata”, which is to say bachata as we you know it but with more body rolls.

The venue was fantastic. Its always a great opportunity to have a wooden, sprung dance floor. It was a very appropriate venue for the event.

However rusty we I  was, it was good fun to joine in the social dancing. The playlist was a nice 50/50 split of salsa and bachata.

Breaking up the night was a bachata routine by the Venenitas Newcastle dance team. I admit, its not often I see performances like this at salsa events. It is always welcome.

Often during this sort of performances have a “blink and you’ll miss it” feel. As soon as I come back from the bar, its over. These ladies, however, had worked out a nice long performance with a lot of variety that kept it fresh.

The most emotional part of the night was the raffle. Periods of silence followed by either hushed cursing or celebrations. There was quite a lot up for grabs, from one-time vouchers, a clock and plenty of booze.

I was lucky enough to walk away with a water colour painting of Grey Street. By the time my number came out.

It was either the painting or a voucher for skin care, and my skin is soft and radiant enough.

The event is a monthly one called Salsa4Charity.

Every month money is raised for a different cause. This November over £2000 was raised to buy an oxygen tank for a young lady in Newcastle, who was in need of one for medical reasons.

Look out for the next Salsa4Charity party that will be coming up 7th, December at the Toby Carvery in Sunderland (follow the link for more details).

Paul will be raising money for a physiotherapy vest for a baby called Theo.  Guest teacher will be Peter Robson.

Until then shimmey – and eat carveries – responsibly.

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