Cuban Rumba Video

Happy Monday!

To begin a YouTube rabbit hole of Cuban Rumba , this video is as good as any to start.

I find the man’s reaction to having his vacuna blocked by the woman particularly relatable.

For the uninitiated, this dance is flirty game where the guy is trying to seduce the woman and he gets attitude despite all his efforts.

But just like life, with enough shoulder movements, deception and begging you can take one home in the end.

Newcastle Salsa Party Easter Weekend

If you want to move your keister this easter, then check out the upcoming Salsa Party at Kommunity.

If you’ve got your energy for a full day of classes and workshops they’ll be on through the day, full details on the Hola Cuba event page below.

Details for Hola Cuba All Dayer

I’m invested as I’m a regular at this venue to begin with. Its also relatively cheap (the event, not me of course).

Most people who will be attending the classes will be aware of it already, but there are probably quite a few social dancers who wouldn’t be aware of my favorite social party.

I’m also invested because its a birthday celebration too. Which means there will be cake.

Son & Rumba Clave

I stumbled upon this YouTube channel called Dance Papi. This particular video talks about how to hold and play the different styles of Clave. Its quite in-depth, but a nice chill watch.

After not comprehending the Salsa Rhythm at all during my Newcastle Salsa classes (no matter how many times it was explained) this really helped me get my head into it.

Your mileage may vary!