Sam Mills

Every week kicks off with Sam’s party in Passing Clouds, attracting a medium sized group of mixed ages and abilities looking to opt out of the Monday Blues in favor of something decidedly more upbeat.

Sam Mills & Natalie
Sam Mills with, his dance partner, Natalie

My first class with Sam (and his cheeky partner, Natalie) was actually above Paradiso. The new venue, however, has been used for a couple of months now, and draws in extra dancers for the social. The raised stage allows Sam to more effectively demonstrate his footwork.

Sam has been on the scene for over seven years, initially promoting the Salsa / Bachata scene on Facebook. He’s a regular at the congress and has built up a dedicated band of regular students.

Sam’s teaches a Cross Body Salsa that emphases hook turns and intricate leads that will have the guys turning as much as the ladies.

Teaching a very smooth and polished style, which despite looking effortless, I found quite challenging. The routines are short, in-depth and build on-top of one another over the weeks.

Without feeling overwhelmed, I quickly felt I had a nice repertoire which was usable at socials.

I find the length of the classes just right. Sam and his partner are warm and welcoming, and always open to answer questions.

Overall a good relaxing night, with a deceptively steep learning curve.

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