Salsa Shoes for Men

Women are already sorted in this department, usually owning enough shoes to stock a storefront.

But what about the men? Our shoe collections are usually nice a minimum. Complementing our fridge complete with tumbleweed.

Stereotyping and misogyny aside – there are a lot of specialized dance shoes on the market, made specifically for guys.

They Look Awful

But personally; I think they look awful. They look like the things my parents used to make me wear for school. Not the awesome trainers that lit up (I was a spoiled child). I’m referring to those silly black plimsolls I was made to run miles in or those Clark’s shoes my parents told me where cool. 

A lot of them have heels as well. If Robert Downey Jr couldn’t pull off Cuban heels, I’ve got no chance.

I’m a little vain when it comes to footwear

Personally I visit average trainer outlet for my dance shoes. Not only is because I’m a little vain when it comes to footwear, but when I look at the instructors I more often than not see them wearing a pair of Adidas or Reebok instead of those cabaret shoes.

This isn’t to say I just pick any. I will admit though, I’ll struggle and adapt to shoes that look cool rather than picking sensible ones (like a woman).

Avoiding Canvas Shoes

I want them to be hard-wearing and for this reason I avoid the canvas plimsolls (i.e. those white toed Converse). They just tear during the turns. Maybe it’s my massive bear feet, but these things rarely survive the walk to the party let alone a few socials.


These are for Builders and Soldiers. Not Salsa dancers.

I have legit seen a man in motorcycle boots on a dance floor. It’s ridiculous, a bit of protection against a rogue heel is one thing, but steel toe caps is another.

This is why I feel the need to advise dancers against wearing boots.

Getting Thrifty with Cheap Nasty A** Trainers

Despite my provocative subtitle I have nothing but praise for these affordable, disposable and generically styled trainers.

They are incredible light and outlast some of the more expensive .

When they start to discolour or fray you can just buy another pair as well!

The cheap soles, which offers no grip during normal situations work incredibly well for turns.

You can also find these nasty cheap trainers on the internet, and make a fantastic budget alternative to those upselled dance trainers.

Basket Ball Trainers

Last, but certainly not the least. Basket Ball Trainers.

These make a lot of sense if you think about the similarities between the surface of a basketball court and dance floor. In a lot of schools and gyms, they are one and the same!

This style of trainer is designed to be hard wearing, and used in a sport that has many sharp and short movements.

Wear What You Want

Despite what targeting advertisers will tell you; I don’t believe any kind of shoe will make you a better dancer.

If you’re struggling to perform a move, it’s probably not the floor or your shoes.

It could be the lager though!

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