Salsa Musicality Tips

Feeling bored and unchallenged as you find yourself repeating the same sequence over and over.

Maybe you don’t have enough moves in your repertoire or feel like a robot repeating instructions rather than a dancer interpreting the music?

Sometimes its easy to get caught up in the technical aspects and drills, and forget what you originally got into dancing for.

Listen Hard

Really listen to the music. Maybe even sit this track out, and join mid way through when you get the vibe or mood of the piece.

At the end of the day, the connection between you and the music is more important than your connection to your partner.

And last on your priorities should be impressing or competing against other dancers. Unless your in a competition, of course!

Be Present

As in the moment.

When are they going to play bachata?
I can’t remember the routine.
Did I leave the gas on?

Just focus on the beat, the vibe, your feet.

If you’re feeling a move, try it. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work, just shimmy it out.


Remember to breath.

Don’t over think it.

And Mostly

Definitely don’t worry about remembering these steps about not worrying and relaxing. As its totally contradictory.

Its just a blog post, anyway!

Enjoy yourself and shimmy irresponsibly!

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