Salsa Consistency

When I see and talk to other salsa dancers around Newcastle; the most common trait amongst the more proficient and technical dancers is their commitment to dancing regularly.

But isn’t variety the spice of life?

There are fantastic events every month where you can do walk out a 1 hour Cuban salsa workshop and straight into a sensual bachata workshop. Have a drink and then do an hour of cross-body.

These events are fantastic socials and a great opportunity to dip a toe into other styles. Keeps it fresh, and give you a new direction to pursue if you find something you really like.

Forming that foundation

But being consistently inconsistent won’t build that foundation you can rely on. In any other trade or profession, you need a solid background in one discipline before you can branch off into another.

From there they can use it as a sort of launch pad, an island in the ocean you can push off from, and if you stray too far you can reach out and steady yourself on that.

Not only does consistency foster discipline and measurable progression, but forming a habit of practicing a skill (any skill) little and often will take you much further than if you binge every one to two weeks.

Something relatable

I very good analogy would be to think of a boozy night out.

Now if you drink a glass of wine every night, you’ll be fine.

But if you don’t drink for two weeks, then go crazy mixing and binging drinks then you’re going to have a headache the next day and not remember much.

Same applies to the Newcastle Salsa scene.

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