Why even write about salsa at all?

This question came up  whilst reflecting on something that was said in a heated exchange.

With all that is going on in the world, the wars, the poverty and injustices faced every day then why should I be writing about my experiences with salsa.

Why promote a social party (a salsa social party, not communism comrade!), when I could be promoting a just cause?

Partly this is because salsa, in many ways, is completely irrelevant to me.


When I hack out a post like this I am completely unconcerned with the software I’m using or the electronics in my computer.

Think of the wizardry involved in delivering this to you over the Internet.

When I dress up in my freshly washed trainers and catch the Metro to a social party, its not the intricacies of the salsa routines and steps I care about. I’m not even fussed about the DJ playing authentic music.

Salsa isn’t the point, its not my destination.

Its just a thing to get another thing.

Personally, I enjoy soaking in the jovial atmosphere and positive vibes from the dancers. I like the way that everyone can put aside whatever is going on in their life and just enjoy some music together.

Aside from the personal enjoyment (and I swear down, mental health benefits) I get to connect with a variety of open people from a whole cross section of society.

All dancers are nuts, but nuts together.

Planes will still crash. People will still get bad news from the doctor. World leaders will make one side happy whilst disappointing the other.

I’ve tried with very little success to change people’s minds so they think the same way I do.

I’ve been given preferential treatment at holiday resorts, I’ve had arguments across expensive restaurant food.

I’ve been praised for my hedonistic tendencies during my time in the military, and then let down by people I believed in when under attack.

The world keeps turning whether I worry about it or I don’t. Some people are great for all the wrong reasons, and some people turn into monsters trying to do what is right.

But whatever happens, I have this. If I can drink some effeminate cocktails and shake my shoulders in time to some upbeat music.

That’s enough for me.

That’s probably more than anyone in this world can ever deserve.

If they shut down every Latin event tomorrow, I’m 100% certain the same crowd would find something else to gravitate towards and form a community around.

Its that community that I keep coming back to.

There are members of this community who are not part of us yet.

Maybe they don’t realize that future friends are here waiting for them, good times and whatever else they’re looking for.

So let’s bring them home.

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