Can you learn from YouTube?

There’s a lot of resources on YouTube for dance. Hip-hop, as an example, has an abundance of videos. In the case of Salsa, there are less tutorials to pick from.

I believe this is to be expected as the techniques for dancing with a partner would be very hard to convey over a video.

Worse still, without an experienced instructor, any bad techniques learned that could injure a partner would go uncorrected.

Some resources, especially ones that explain musicality and the history behind Salsa I think are very valuable. Personally, I’d rather listen to a video or podcast in my own time.

I believe a majority of social dancers would be nonplussed if a Salsa class turned into a theory lecture.

A big part of Salsa, in my opinion, is the interaction between different dancers as well as its diverse and friendly social circle.

I appreciate the effort and time that has gone into these resources, and they probably provide a useful supplement for the addicted between events and help entice new beginners.

Overall though, learning Salsa by yourself, without other people? Doesn’t sound very fun at all.

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