Getting Dizzy During Turns

Sometimes when getting into tighter spins, or turning more often you can feel like you’ve just bought a one-way ticket to the chunder bus.

A dizzy lady

Spotting During A Turn

The most effective piece of advice I can offer, that is useful for all dancers is spotting.

Spotting is where you pick an object or area in front of you to focus on. You keep focused on this area during your turn, and then you find it again as you come round.

I found a quick video tutorial here which might explain it better:

Spotting will also make your turns look sharper, and improve your positioning!

Speak Up About getting Dizzy

If you are a follower and you are getting dizzy, tell your leader. You can either use verbal cues, or non-verbal facial expressions (my partner is very good at this) to signal your disapproval.

Reject The Lead

If you’ve had enough, stop playing. You can always choose not to respond to the lead. This might give you chance to get your bearings and send a message to the leader that you’re not a dreidel.

Remember you are being invited to turn. The lead is a signal, not a command! If the lead raises a hand, you can pull it back down.

Resist Self Turning

Some dancers may interpret a certain style of lead as a turn when none was intended. So if you think the turning is excessive, you might not actually be rejecting any lead, just misinterpreting it.

Go in for The Clinch

Like a heavy weight in the 9th round, you can always force a close hold which might encourage your lead to take the technicalities down a notch and slow the pace.

Obviously this tactic is more suitable when dancing with someone you know well!


If you’ve tried the above and your still getting thrown about, it would be better to walk away from this one than throwing up on your leader’s sequins.


Finally, my last tip for the leaders would be that if you’re turning too much and feeling ill.

Then stop doing it.

Getting Sweaty At Salsa

Summer is here, with her long and hot nights.

The clubs are packed with dancers, but are you worried about drowning your next follower by the end of the next song?

Appropriate Clothing

An obvious one, for sure. But what is appropriate?

Anyone who has hit the gym in a thick cotton T-Shirt can testify that not all summer clothing is actually appropriate for the heat.

Now might be the time to bring back the Tank Top or invest in some short sleeved shirts.

If you’re terrified of showing your knees in shorts and don’t want to rock up like a Hip Hop dancer in jogging bottoms. Chinos might just be the article of clothing that will save your life.

Commandeer The Source of Cool Air

This could be propped open fire exit or – praise the salsa gods – a fan. Rock up early and take possession of the valuable sweat-free real estate.

If you rocked up too late, you might be able to find a partner who already hast he same idea. Obviously, pick that partner and leave your actual friends to sweat to death under the lights.

Take it Easy

You don’t have to dance every dance (unless you’ve paid to get in and your determined to get your money’s worth).

Your partner and your car seat will thank you on the way home for graciously bowing out of the kizomba set to catch your breath outside.

If you’re a beginner then even the basic probably feels like an aerobic class. Rest assured that the more you dance, the more relaxed you’ll feel and the lesser the likelihood of you steaming up your sequins.

In Closing

  • Wear something breathable
  • Find some cool air, even if its outside
  • Take it easy

And as always,

Shimmy responsibly!