Two Free Salsa Socials in Newcastle

You may be on a budget. Maybe you’re already investing some serious wonga into some private tuition and you don’t want to overspend.

If you’re like me, you might be itching for a social but also want to refrain from dipping into your booze fund. Or maybe you’re just looking to increase the longevity of the booze fund.

As you probably gathered by the title of this article, I am going to share with you 2 places you can dance Salsa in Newcastle for free. I won’t cover the street (unless you’re in the Rolling Stones), these are all respectable bars where you’ll bump (literally after a few pints) into like minded, and frugal, dancers.


Kommunity is situated near the old police station. Every Wednesday from around 9.30pm the classes stop and the night opens into a social.
The music and skill of the dancers will vary considerably. Students here will have been practicing Cuban Salsa (Casino). Most, if not all, dancers at this social will most likely know a bit of cross body too.
The music will consist of Son, Reggaeton, Cha-Cha, Salsa Tracks, Bachata (often Dominican) and Kizomba. Expect to see free-styling, some lineups forming and even the occasional Rueda.

Its a mixed mag depending on who shows up. Sometimes there’s lots of room and its mainly salsa and bachata, sometimes its absolutely heaving and blasting AfroBeat and Reggaeton.

Harry’s Bar

Every Thursday from 8pm (but often filling up around 10pm) is Harry’s Latin Party. Expect line-ups and lots of personality from resident DJ Jose Escobar. They also have a Cocktail deal on coinciding with the Salsa Party, to boot!
Music is very eclectic, but mostly Latin. Expect a sensual Kizomba set to be followed by Venga Boys and Chart Music alongside Buena Vista Social Club.

The patrons here are as varied as the set list. One word of caution is to remember that not everyone who rocks up to Harry’s on a Thursday will know how to dance or even be aware its a Latin night.

If you’re at a loss to finding a partner, just shimmy whilst engaging in eye contact until someone comes over to you. Hopefully it won’t be a bouncer.

So if money was holding you back, you’ve got no excuse now. Just grab the change down the back of the sofa and mambo to your nearest free Salsa Social event in Newcastle!
All these events, and more are on the Newcastle Salsa Club TimeTable. I’ve even linked every venue to a Google Map location so your phone can give you directions.

Have fun, and always shimmy responsibly.